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Free Saline Solution From Arm & Hammer (Rebate)

We all love rebates, but half of us always end up losing the super small rebate form somewhere between the store and home.

Free Simply Saline Rebate Offer

If you wear contacts, you know that saline solution isn’t cheap and needs to be replaced often (depending on your usage).  This rebate offer is up to $14.99 from Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Neti Pot Kit, after you purchase the product.  The rebate is 7/31/2013, so you’ve got some time.

As with any rebate form, make sure the handwriting is legible and filled out correctly along with mailed in requirements (receipt, UPC code, etc.).

I’ve known a few people who never completed the entire package and were denied their rebate (not with this offer, but different ones).

Click here for your rebate